Flavours of the month

cherry velvet

red velvet cake filled with cherry jam topped with white buttercream and a cherry on top

berry hawaii

coconut/raspberry marble cake with pink vanilla butter cream


colorful vanilla cake with purple and teal vanilla buttercream

raspberry beret

lemon cake filled with raspberry jam with lemon buttercream

salted caramel

chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream and caramel popcorn on top

oreo mint

chocolate cake with mint buttercream and chocolate chips

rainbow - For Limited Time Only

confetti cake with vanilla buttercream topped with a rainbow candy

oreo fudge

chocolate cake with oreo buttercream topped with oroeo fudge cookie


chocolate/coffee marble cake with mocha buttercream


confetti cake with purple and pink vanilla buttercream

banana split

banana/strawberry marble cake with strawberry buttercream


red velvet

red cocoa cake topped with cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with sanding sugar


chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and sprinkled with chocolate vermicelli


chocolate cake with pink vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with
pink sugar


coconut cake with cream cheese frosting and packed with coconut

sweet 16

vanilla cake with pink vanilla buttercream topped with pastel sprinkles

Mini pre-pack

mini pre-pack

sweet 16, raspberry beret, unicorn, chocolate, kook, oreo fudge, salted caramel, oreo mint, mocha, red velvet, mermaid, cherry velvet

gluten smart

gluten smart

Different flavours available, on order only. We make our gluten smart cupcakes and cakes from a gluten-free flour blend. There are no gluten ingredients in the cupcakes however, we cannot guarantee the product is free of allergens as cross contamination can occur.



Different flavours available, on order only


We offer customized cupcakes and cakes with corporate logos and/or seasonal decorations. For all corporate order inquiries and to learn about all the options available, please contact us!

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